The Garron Jones FamilyArtist/Owner- Garron Jones was Arizona born and raised and currently lives there with his beautiful wife and five children.  Garron is an extremely talented and gifted craftsman and artist.  Beginning from a very young age and still today he has studied and learned from many great artists, faux finishing artisans, master venetian plasterers, designers and other great craftsman.  Garron believes that everyone has something to offer and you can never stop learning. 

He started painting murals in high school and landed his first big commissioned mural for actor John Lithgow at age sixteen. A few years later he served a two year mission in Japan and shortly after returning got married and then started this business which has become a reputable and extraordinary faux and mural painting business.  Garron’s incredible eye for color, creativity, attention to detail, expertise, friendly service and just plain good nature has helped to make his company what it is today. 

Garron genuinely looks forward to meeting with you and /or your designer and creating the very best and unique finishes for you!
“Life is Precious, Life is Good, Live it with Color”

Garron Jones Studios,Inc.
Contact us at 602 510-7408 or e-mail:

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