Cabinetry and Furniture

Somehow we live in this time where old is new and new is old, and some of those old and timeless pieces of furniture and cabinetry of yours need an old new look.  But regardless if you want old, new, old new or new old we can do it.

We have the experience in several different finishes and we use only the highest quality products to ensure there lasting beauty.  Through our wood graining techniques, ordinary surfaces can take on the look of real wood. A few examples where this is useful are: metal doors, ordinary painted baseboards, composite trimwork, crown molding, doors and more can all be transformed to look like wood. Also one type of wood can be transformed to look like another. Even the deep graininess of oak can be transformed to something new. Many times we age and antique a piece with distress marks, worm holes, worn edges and antiquing glazes to achieve the right finish.  Hand painted designs, scrolls and lettering can also be incorporated in the finish.  It is exciting how many variations and options are available.
In most cases these new finishes are done right on site with the upmost care taken for all the surrounding areas.  All other pieces are taken and finished in our studio.
We are excited to transform your ordinary cabinetry and furniture pieces and make them extraordinary.  Either old or new we can create the best finishes for you.

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