Murals & Tromp L'oeil

Garron has always had a love for art and ever since an early age been blessed and talented with incredible artistic abilities. Either for a small hallway niche mural or the whole side of a building mural; he has the ability to paint just about anything you desire.  At age 16 he was commissioned to do mural work on the living room ceiling of actor John Lithgow in his California home.  Since that time he has painted over a hundred amazing murals and commissioned canvas works.

When a client is interested in a mural, Garron personally consults with them and /or their designer and really tries to get in their head.  Often people have pictures and ideas that are shared and prove helpful in the creation process; while other times clients have little or no real ideas, but are confidently able to give Garron free artistic reign which he loves.  Then after sometimes much research preliminary sketches are drawn and/or a small preliminary paintings is painted, approved and then the mural comes to life as the real paint or plaster (for true frescos) goes on.  After completion and for years to come your mural will be admired and enjoyed.

These murals are often painted right onto the wall, but there is also the option of having them painted on canvas and then applied like wallpaper. Commissioned works for stretched canvases are also available.

Start to “Live Life in Color” and set up an appointment with Garron today.

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