Scroll Design

Garron shares a delight in the art of scrolling which has been around for ages. The beauty and energy that a scrollwork design brings to a space or piece of furniture is just amazing!
 Scrollwork designs have been seen in tile mosaics, fine furniture, art pieces and many of the great architectural edifices of the past as well as today.  Garron is often inspired by the scrollworks of old as he creates custom designs for each individual client. Surrounding furniture designs, light fixture elements, tile designs and more are all taken into consideration for the design. These designs are often hand painted with an aged fresco feel.  Color pallets for these designs range from monochromatic tones to full color. Other mediums and materials are also used in creating these designs such as: plasters to create embossed design effects, gold leafing as well as other metallics and the use of hundreds of decorative furniture brads or rivets.   Each design in the end no matter the medium always end up being amazing!  

We look forward to creating the most amazing scrollwork designs for you.

Contact us at 602 510-7408 or e-mail:

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